About Us

In 2009 we bought our property about 9 miles from the historic city of Cambridge. It took a number of years to build the family home with the help of one other person full-time and our two teenage boys contributing part-time in the school holidays.

I always had this dream of building a treehouse and we found this ideal spot, tucked in the trees, very private from the main house and overlooking a 10 acre field.

Once we had built the treehouse we acquired use of the field and have turned it into a wild meadow attracting lots of wild life including deer, badgers, hares, owls and other birds large and small, including a woodpecker and some doves. Waking up to the sounds of nature is delightful.

I started building the treehouse in 2017 alongside doing other building work. It took about 2 years to complete with help and enthusiasm from our now adult sons. Despite our realisation that it was more a case of ‘Obank and no sons’ who were interested in the building business, they did help!

Initially the treehouse was built for our own enjoyment, but the feedback from friends who stayed there was so positive that the idea took root to turn it into a more commercial venture by opening it up to a wider clientele.

It is now enjoyed by guests throughout the year, but we continue to be regular guests ourselves. The joke is that we are ‘on safari’, as this really encapsulates the experience.

In winter 2022 we added a sauna! Another reason to spend a few nights in the treehouse.

Bruce Obank

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sauna in Happenoak treehouse for winter break